Wi-Fi Asset Management

SiteHawk Technologies offers a flexible wireless asset management system that includes hardware devices for the field and intelligent software for managing the assets from anywhere on the network.

A SiteHawk solution provides instant visibilty to your field assets allowing you to continously monitor the location, health and activity of your equipment without leaving the office.

Safety is improved by dramatically reducing the tim personnel spend locating and physically monitoring field equipment. Downtime decreases by detecting problems sooner.

Operational decisions are based on trusted data to deliver optimal outcomes. Performance is recorded and analysed to keep your assets running at maximum efficiency.

The SiteHawk solution delivers all of these benefits and more in an affordable, easy to install scalable solution.


  • Tracking vehicles, lighting plants, comms trailers, pumps and other mobile plant.
  • Remote monitoring of engines, batteries, charging and other sensors.
  • Historical reporting of engine status, run hours, utilization and sensor data.
  • Remote equipment activations, shutdowns and resets.

    Features & Benefits

  • Reduce risk by minimising employee time spent in the field.
  • Eliminate lost time searching for equipment.
  • Save time and resources through instant visibility of equipment location and status.
  • Optimize efficiency using historical performance analysis and metrics.
  • Improve response to failures and alarm conditions.
  • Web based software provides instant access to all users on the network.
  • Wi-Fi communications leverages your existing networks and removes external dependencies.
  • Simple installation supports rapid deployments.
  • Location data integration support for third party systems.