Wi-Fi Network Bridges

The SiteHawk Wi-Fi Network Bridges offer a complete endpoint network solution for mobile mining machines. Combining the radio, power and network components into a single ruggedized solution allows for a significant reduction in installation complexity and maintenance costs. The integrated Wi-Fi uplink radio includes our unique mobile roaming optimization technology that outperforms all other Wi-Fi client radio systems in a mobile mining environment.

Operating on the OpenWRT network platform allows for site specific customizations, firmware builds and access to the latest features and security patches.

Choose from the 7 port RB704 model featuring a built-in Managed Ethernet Switch or the compact 5 port RB554 model with an optional hotspot radio.


  • High Power 2.4GHz b/g/n radio
  • 5 Ethernet Ports
  • Optional Secondary Hotspot Radio


  • High Power 2.4GHz b/g/n radio
  • 7 Ethernet Ports
  • Built-in Moxa EDS-408 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch

    Features & Benefits

  • High power dual antenna uplink radio providing a drop-in replacement migration path for legacy radios.

  • Hotspot model includes separate dual band radio for connecting nearby tablets, phones and laptops.

  • Optimized client roaming solution for intelligent selection of Access Points in a mobile environment.

  • Industrial Ethernet ports enabling connectivity to onboard machine and vehicle devices.

  • Industrial enclosure and connectors provide protection from dust, moisture and vibration.

  • Universally compatible with any standard Wi-Fi network.

  • SNMP monitoring with dashboards and customized extensions capabilities enhance supportability.

  • NAT based routing simplifies deployments allowing a one step machine commissioning.

  • Firmware updates, configuration and commissioning manageable remotely ‘over the air’.

  • Wi-Fi Bridges can be swapped out as a single network appliance to simplify maintenance.



SNMP extensions have been developed to allow for simple connectivity monitoring of the Wi-Fi Bridges and the port connected devices. PRTG Dashboards provide instant and historical data for radio performance metrics in addition to the connected devices.


Data transfer between connected devices allows for sharing of radio connection details for user displays, support and diagnostics.