ROMA OpenWRT Wi-Fi Client Firmware

The SiteHawk ROMA OpenWrt firmware solution optimizes the Wi-Fi Access Point selection process in mobile mining environments, ensuring the client radio is always connected with the best available signal.

Most Wi-Fi client radio solutions do not roam efficiently in mobile environments and will not re-associate to closer Access Points until the connection is totally lost. As the client moves around the site it will spend much of its time with a poor connection when better Access Point options are available. Additional problems such as blacklisting of Access Points affect most Linux based solutions and severely limit the performance of a mobile client radio.

The ROMA firmware solution was created to address the underlying causes of these limitations and provide the optimal connection experience for the Wi-Fi client.

    Features & Benefits

  • Optimized channel scanning reduces offline scan periods from 1-3 down to 0.4 seconds for a 3 channel site.
  • Configurable signal thresholds to initiate Access Point scanning only when required.
  • Configurable hysteresis to minimize un-necessary switching between Access Points.
  • Blacklisting over-ride ensures all Access Points are available for connection.
  • Site specific firmware builds allow pre-configuration of network and radio settings for the site.
  • Turnkey solutions available with industrial enclosures, connectors, integrated power supplies and network switch capabilities.
  • Additional linux packages can be built into the firmware image to add functionality.
  • Customizable SNMP provides extendable monitoring capabilities.
  • Deployment scripts simplify configuration and commissioning.
  • Firmware built from the current stable OpenWrt release with the latest security updates.

Wi-Fi Client Roaming Test Results

The results below compare the traditional Wi-Fi client association behaviour with the ROMA solution. Traditional Wi-Fi clients typically hang onto the last connected Access Point until the connection is lost. The ROMA solution will make intelligent decisions to maintain the connection to the best available access point.

Based on the OpenWRT Open Source project, the ROMA solution runs on multiple hardware platforms and has delivered significant improvements to existing networks through a simple firmware upgrade process.  Support for new devices is being added continuously allowing sites to capitalize on performance improvements and maintain confidence in hardware availability.

Supported Hardware