SiteView Software

SiteView provides a virtual window to all of your SiteHawk equipped assets in the field. At a glance you can locate the equipment, determine if they are online, check operating voltages, sensor inputs, engine hours, review historical data and more.  Users access SiteView through a simple web browser interface.

The SiteView server software is installed on a Windows server on your network and records the data from the field devices.  The SiteView software is self contained with minimal resource requirements and no external cloud based dependencies.

    Features & Benefits

  • Advanced mapping functionality allows users to locate and zoom in on equipment positions.
  • Support for site supplied aerial images ensures maps stay current with changing topography.
  • Web based client software eliminates the complexity of managing client software installations.
  • Integrated reporting capabilities provide summary and period selectable reports based on recorded data.
  • Colour coded icons provide an immediate status indication.
  • Device Groups allow you to organize your field units into categories for easy lookups and comparisons of similar equipment.
  • Integration support for third party systems through standardized methods.
  • Built in charting allow you to review I/O and voltage data trends.
  • Export historical data for use in Excel and other programs