The SiteHawk ST-200 series provides clients with real-time location and status visibility of field located assets. The ST-200 Series seamlessly connects to standard 802.11 b/g wireless networks allowing the SiteHawk solution to remotely track, monitor and measure from anywhere on the network.


  • 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi or Ethernet model available
  • Integrated GPS receiver with choice of external antenna (ST-200W, ST200-E) or integrated antenna (ST-220W)
  • Ultralow power consumption with selectable power modes when running on main power and from the internal battery
  • Internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Wide Input voltage range
  • Low bandwidth usage
  • Remotely activated relay output
  • External I/O for measuring voltages and interfacing to sensors
  • Historical event and status recording
  • Remote firmware upgradable
  • Complimentary SiteView software for the management of the devices, location tracking, status monitoring and control.
SiteHawk ST200 Series
SiteHawk ST200 Series


ST-200W & ST-200E

The ST-200W and ST-200E models feature a sturdy alumium enclosure with LED indicators on the front panel and connectors at the back.  The small size allows it to be easily mounted in vehicles and other space constrained locations.

Two variations exist for either Wi-Fi or Ethernet communications.  The Ethernet model is particularly suited to providing monitoring capabilities to proprietary wireless networks or where ethernet communications may already exist.

Examples of where the Ethernet model may be used include;

  • Proprietaty wireless solar repeater trailers (such as MotoMesh)
  • Comms huts & infrastructure locations for power monitoring, UPS activation detection and remote resets of equipment.

Where wireless access does exist the ST200W has the advantage of being able to continue to operate from the internal battery if power is disconnected.  This is a common occurrance where devices such as repeater trailers are turned off and moved or power/charging faults cause the device to go offline.  In this scenario the SiteHawk ST200W would continue to report its position and system power status allowing the trailer to be located or the power problem diagnosed and rectified.

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SiteHawk ST-200 Models
SiteHawk ST-200 Models

ST-220W Outdoor Asset Management Device

The ST-220W is a variation of the ST-200W Wi-Fi model designed specifically for outdoor installation directly onto equipment.

The ST-220W is packaged in an NEMA4x weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure.  Integrated antennas for GPS and wireless communication limit the cabling requirements to a single power lead which also delivers the I/O capabilities (if required).

The ST-220W supports mounting directly to a pole (40-90mm) or can be supplied with a standoff mast if required.   The minimal cabling and flexible mounting option equates to a fast and simple installation, reducing the time and complexity of deployments.

Each unit is supplied ready to install with antennas, pole mounting kit and a 5m pre-terminated power/IO cable.

Specifications    Features
SiteHawk ST-220W
SiteHawk ST-220W


MODEL ST-220W ST-200W ST-200E
Network Type
802.11 b/g, 2.4GHz (20dBm)
Voltage Requirements 10-36V DC

Power Consumption @12v
-Normal + Charging
-Low Power Mode
-Ultra Low Power Mode


Internal Battery Lithium-ion 3.7v 3500mA
Battery Runtimes
-Low Power Mode
-Ultra Low Power Mode
Durations are indicative and dependant on configuration
7 hours
15 hours
21 days
External Input/Output 2 x Digital Inputs (0-30v)
1 x Digital Output (0-28v current sink relay driver)
1 x 0-30v Analogue voltage Input
Internal Sensors Power supply voltage measurement
Internal board temperature
Power / IO Connector 8pin M12 Circular
Network Connector N Female RP-SMA female RJ45
GPS Antenna Connector N/A (Integrated) SMA Female
Weight 720g 350g
Dimensions 160mm x 130mm x 60mm 120mm x 95mm x 36mm