SiteView provides a virtual window to all of your SiteHawk equipped assets in the field.   At a glance you can locate the equipment, determine if they are online, check operating voltages, status, monitor speeds, review historical data and much more.

Device Groups allow you to organize your SiteHawk units into your own categories to allow for easy lookups and comparisons of similar equipment.

Color coded status icons show the connectivity status, allowing you to easily detect offline equipment.

A real-time chart scrolls with the equipment data including operating voltages, digital I/O status's, GPS data, battery levels, charging status, speed and more.

Relay outputs drivers on the SiteHawk devices are controlled using SiteView including confirmation acknowledgements from the device to confirm your operation.

SiteView implements its own mapping functionality allowing you to supply and calibrate a site specific image overlay for the display of your SiteHawk devices.  Full support is provided for mouse controlled panning, zooming and device tracking.

Automatic device discovery functionality will periodically check for new SiteHawk units on the network and automatically add them to your display.


  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2003/2008
  • TCP/IP UDP access on ports 6660-6665
  • Administrator rights during installation
  • 10MB Disk Space
SiteView Software
SiteView Screenshot