WiFi Network Audits

A Wireless Audit involves a comprehensive check on the health of your wireless network.  This starts with a review of your network design and infrastructure to evaluate the following;

  • Equipment State - Is your existing equipment functional and performing correctly.   Are the infrastructure sites in a serviceable state?  Equipment installation including location, fixings, access and cabling are inspected.
  • Power Systems - Is the power to your infrastructure reliable.  Does it have adequate capacity and backup power.   This is particularly important for self powered sites using solar or wind generation.   Load measurements are taken for calculation of runtimes to determine if the generation and storage capacity meet your run time requirements.
  • Monitoring - Existing monitoring systems are reviewed to confirm they are operating correctly and recording the real-time and historical data needed for support and diagnostics.  We can advise and assist with installing monitoring systems if required.
  • Support - Processes and accountabilities for the support of your wireless network are evaluated to determine if your network is getting the attention and response times required for your end users and systems.
  • Redundancy - Failure points are identified and evaluated to determine the risk to downtime and service disruptions on your network.  We will look at your spares inventory, configuration storage/management and the capability and response time to recover from failures.

The audit can perform active testing on your wireless network to determine how it is currently performing for your users and dependant systems.  This includes;

  • Coverage Analysis - A site survey is performed to determine the signal coverage levels throughout your site.   (see coverage section for more details)
  • Performance Testing - Tests are performed to determine the speed of your wireless network from various locations, the current bandwidth usage and the utilization from the individual systems on the network.   (see performance section for more details)

Wifi Network Audits

WiFi Coverage Analysis

A site survey allows you to understand the signal levels and channel usage throughout your site.   This involves a drive around your site with a vehicle fitted with specialist measuring equipment including a GPS and externally mounted antenna.  During the survey data is continuously collected to measure the visible access points, operating channels and signal levels from each location.  The data is then visually represented on an overlay image of your site for review.

The results of a site survey will allow you to;

  • Evaluate signal levels and penetration in all areas surveyed
  • Highlight areas with poor signal coverage
  • View channel usage and overlap. (useful for channel management and co-channel interference minimization)
  • Estimate the effective range of your access points
  • Detect faults with your access points, cabling and antennas
  • Identify unknown or unauthorized access points operating on your site
  • Show areas where interference or RF noise is detected

Site surveys should be performed when a wireless network is first commissioned to establish baseline results then periodically as the site geography and operating areas change.

Wi-Fi Coverage Analysis

WiFi Performance Testing

Performance testing your wireless network allows you to understand the current capacity (speed) provided by your wireless network and the current usage from existing systems on the network.  Another key component of performance testing will quantify the reliability of your wireless links to both infrastructure and client nodes.  Below are some of the results you would receive from our performance testing.

  • Throughput - End to end data throughput (speed) tests are run from your key locations and infrastructure to measure the raw data speeds available from these locations.
  • Usage - Traffic on your network is captured and analyzed to determine source of the traffic and the current bandwidth usage. This is useful for understanding how much data each of your wireless systems are using and provides a baseline measurement for capacity planning and future testing comparisons. Understanding the volume and type of data present on your wireless network can also assist with diagnosing problems and optimizing your network.
  • Reliability - A common problem with wireless networks is link reliability to your clients and infrastructure. Our tests which usually run over a period of hours or days will show you how reliable your links are and identify problematic links or coverage areas in your wireless infrastructure.
  • Isolation - With the increasing popularity of wireless networks, steps need to be in place to prioritize or isolate traffic between multiple systems so that interference or over-usage does not affect the service levels of mission critical systems. Our testing can load up your network with lower priority traffic and confirm your isolation mechanisms are working effectively.
  • Spectrum Analysis - Interference from nearby networks or poor channel planning can have severe affects on your network performance. We have tools for measuring the spectral activity in the wireless frequencies so you can see whats present on the airwaves. This testing will detect the channels and intensity of nearby access points, allowing you to manage your channel space configuration to deliver the best possible performance.
Wi-Fi Performance Testing

Custom Development & Integration

SiteHawk Technologies can provide custom design, development and integration services for your specialized project.   All of our design and development for the SiteHawk product portfolio is done in-house so we have advanced skills ranging from electronic design and manufacturing right through to application software and database development.  Below is an example of the type of services we can assist with on your project.

  • Systems Integration (combining systems and devices into a single solution)
  • Custom Software and Database development
  • Reporting Solutions
  • Electronic Design & Prototyping
  • Printed Circuit Board Development
  • Embedded Micro-controller Solutions

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your project requirements.

Custom Integration Services