SOLUTIONS - WiFi Asset Management

SiteHawk Technologies offers a flexible wireless asset management system that includes hardware devices for the field and intelligent software for managing the assets from anywhere on your network.

The hardware has been designed from the ground up to deliver low power, high reliability remote management of your field equipment.  The SiteHawk system communicates using your existing Wi-Fi network and includes user friendly software to view, manage and record the devices in the field.

The benefits of a SiteHawk system can save you hundreds of hours in lost equipment productivity, reduce your maintenance time and prevent service disruptions, translating to a rapid and compelling R.O.I.

SiteHawk installed on a wireless repeater trailer
SiteHawk installed on a wireless repeater trailer


The SiteHawk ST-200 Series is available in three models to suit different environments.  All models feature;

  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Wide input voltage range
  • I/O interfacing including voltage measurement, digital inputs and a relay driver output
  • Ultralow power consumption
  • Internal rechargeable backup battery to keep the unit performing for up to 10 days

The three models use the same internal hardware, designed and manufactured by SiteHawk Technologies.


The ST-200W is an 802.11b/g WiFi model with an extruded aluminum enclosure.   Suitable for internal or enclosure mounting, the ST-200W allows for the external mounting of the GPS and WiFi antennas with optional pre-terminated cables.

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The ST-200E is an Ethernet model allowing network communications through a standard RJ45 port.   The ST-200E shares the same enclosure and mounting characteristics of the ST-200W with an externally mounted GPS antenna.

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The ST-220W is an 802.11b/g WiFi model designed for outdoor installation.   The GPS and WiFi Antennas are integrated onto the weathproof case requiring just power (and optional I/O) cabling.   The ST-220W supports pole mounting and has been designed as a simple integrated bolt-on asset management solution.

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Software - SiteView

SiteView Software
SiteView Software

The SiteView software is used for managing the SiteHawk devices in the field.  Run from a windows PC connected to your network it allows you to;

  • View the GPS location of a SiteHawk device using a custom site map overlay
  • Monitor the Input/Output status including analog voltage and digital inputs
  • Monitor the supply voltage to the SiteHawk
  • View real-time and historical events
  • Control/Reset remote devices using the relay driver output.
  • Configure the SiteHawk devices

SiteView is included with any SiteHawk hardware device and is available from the downloads page.

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